Some Facts About Sphynx

A Sphynx is a hairless breed of cat originally discovered in Canada/USA.

Sphynx have a naturally occurring recessive gene and do not lack hair entirely despite appearances.

Discovered in 1966, accepted for Championship by TICA in 1979.

The mutation that causes Sphynx hairless is in the gene that is responsible for providing hairs with their keratin protein as they emerge from the follicle. This results in hair that is formed but has a weak structure, and becomes easily damaged and dislodged.

Sphynx do not have multiple coat types, and any pattern / color combination is allowable.

Sphynx are also known as Canadian Sphynx.

Sphynx are considered the 10th most popular breed in the USA.

Sphynx have sturdy boning, good muscle development, and a bit of a firm belly as if they just finished a nice dinner.

Sphynx is an active, loving, family friendly breed, and is considered a medium sized breed.

Did you know?

People most often say we feel like a warm peach!

Did you know?

Sphynx must have a little fur even if it’s just on the bridge of their nose or they aren’t Sphinx!

Did you know?

While we do need grooming, our biggest myth is that we need weekly baths!

Did you know?

Having some wrinkles and a small pot belly is desirable in our breed!

How to clean your Sphynx

Depending on the skin type of your Sphynx – yes, they can have different skin textures, just like people – you will have to bathe your cat once every few weeks. Some will require more frequent bathing while others can go longer without a bath. The key is not to over bathe them. This can produce more oils, which can actually make your Sphynx dirtier. If you adopt a kitten from Ryu Neko, I will be sure and give you the proper recommendation for your kitten.

You will want to trim your cat's nails before a bath, to keep the possibility of getting scratched down.

I use a gentle women’s facial cleanser on my cats. You are not dealing with fur, so your typical cat & dog shampoos may be too harsh. I like GloTherapeutics Sensitive Cream face wash. It cleans without stripping the oils, which is very important. You can find it on Amazon. Aveno baby wash is another product that I recommend.

I recommend running the bath before placing your cat into the tub for cleaning. Sometimes the noise from the faucet can scare them, so it’s best to run the water first and then bring your kitty in. You do not need to fill the tub completely, just a few inches of water will do. You can place some toys in the tub to try and make it fun for them also.

Using a cloth or exfoliating glove, carefully bathe your cat. If they resist, you may need help. Talk to your kitty while you give them a bath, this will help sooth them and keep them calm. Once clean, make sure that there is no cleanser left on the skin. Carefully wrap your cat in a towel and pat down until fully dried. If you warm the towel first, your Sphynx will greatly appreciate it!

If you find your Sphynx getting a little dirty between your scheduled bathing, you can wipe them down with a wet wipe, to help keep the oils down.

As with kids, some cats like the water and some do not. Contrary to what you may read online, while Sphynx are raised with baths, some just simply do not like them not matter the care or steps taken to make it enjoyable for them.

If you find that your Sphynx simply cannot tolerate a bath, you can do what I like to call a “lotion bath”. Simply rub down your cat with a very gentle and mild cleanser and then wipe off with slightly wet paper towels. They will not be as clean from a traditional bath, but it will help with the dirt and oils.

Sphynx's Behavior

Sphynx are an intelligent, inquisitive, extremely friendly breed that is unusually people-oriented. Sphynx commonly greet their owners (or any other person, for that matter) at the front door, with obvious excitement and happiness.

Sphynx love attention, and it's a good thing because they draw it wherever they go. They are demanding of human attention and will do anything for a laugh. This makes them easy to handle by anyone, and because of it, they make excellent therapy animals.

Sphynx are highly social cats. If you are gone during the day, they will enjoy having a friend in the form of another Sphynx, another cat or even a dog. They like the company and, equally important, someone to snuggle with so they can stay warm. They love being held and you can expect them to want to sleep with you, most likely under the covers.